Eye Examinations

Eye Care Specialists

We are your eye care specialists. All our staff are constantly being updated on how best to provide your eye care. At your appointment our team will listen carefully to your eye health needs and, supported by the latest in cutting edge technology, we will provide a thorough examination with particular consideration for any specific problems you may be experiencing.

Your optometrist couples their years of experience with the latest diagnostic equipment to give you the most thorough examination. With access to the best lenses through the Hoya Vision technologies we hope to provide you with optimal visual solutions.

Moore Eyes will work with you to provide effective solutions to your eye care requirements.

Your initial eye examination will take approximately 20 minutes and will generally include...

  • Finding out about you and your vision needs
  • Finding out about your previous eye health history
  • Finding out about your general health and any family history of eye conditions
  • Assessing any eyewear and lens care systems you currently use (maybe contact lenses)
  • Assessing your overall eye health both inside and out for conditions such as glaucoma, macular degeneration, diabetic related eye conditions and cataract.
  • Measuring your vision and the focusing ability of your eyes
  • Measuring to determine if any eyewear is required and if so what prescription gives you the clearest and most comfortable vision possible.


We will discuss our findings with you and make an expert recommendation tailored to your eye health needs. If contact lenses are required our Optometrists will help you choose lenses and a lens care system that will comfortably support lifestyle requirements.

If contact lenses are prescribed you will be taught how to insert and remove the contact lenses safely and how to clean and care for them correctly.

If glasses are required one of our staff will help you choose frames that suit your individual personality and ensure that they fit comfortably providing you with the clearest vision possible.