The first thing people look at when they meet is their faces...

Your spectacles are always seen by others and really become a part of your personality.

“At one stage I worked in a very high end practice in Dublin, which had rock stars and high finance people in all the time. Surrounding the practice were designer clothing stores.

It was always incredible to us that people were more than happy to spend $1500 on a suit that they would wear maybe three times a fortnight, but would shy at spending $500 on a pair of specs that they would wear everyday for the next two years.”

– Tom Moore

For Men

Although the contemporary style is still popular, traditional mens glasses have made a big comeback with their retro look being a funky alternative to cutting edge fashion. We have a large selection of both these styles to browse through.

We have frames of many different sizes, styles, materials, designs and construction in stock, so there is always something to suit everyone and everyones budget.

Some customers require hypoallergenic materials such as titanium to prevent sensitive skin reactions, some require a particular colour, shape, weight, strength or flexibility. Our qualified and experienced staff can assist in the search for the perfect mens glasses.

For Women

There’s many types of womens designer frames to choose, from the vibrant colours found in the Prodesign range from Denmark, to the subtle minimalist look of ultra thin Titanium.

When it comes to fashion frames for women, we have the range and expertise to assist in selecting the best frame for you, taking into account the prescription, face shape, fashion & the look you’re trying to achieve.