Tom Moore

I am a born and bred Rocky boy who was educated in Brisbane. I completed my Optometry degree at QUT in 1990. I met Fiona at uni and we then travelled overseas working in the UK and Ireland.

On my return to Rocky we opened Moore Eyes. Since then I have also completed my Graduate Certificate in Ocular Therapeutics which has enabled me to provide a greater scope of treatment for my patients.

I really enjoy what I do and where I live, what more could I want?

Fiona Moore

I have had a varied and interesting practising life. After graduating from uni in 1989 I spent a year fitting contact lenses for eye specialists in Brisbane.

Tom and I then travelled and worked in the UK and Ireland for three years returning home to Rocky in 1994. I then worked with an ophthalmologist before joining with Tom to form Moore Eyes. I have since completed a Graduate Certificate in Ocular Therapeutics which enables me to prescribe medications to treat common eye conditions.

The thing I enjoy most about my work is constantly meeting new people and providing solutions for their eye care.